Cary Orthopaedic Spinal Research Foundation (CASF)

The Cary Orthopaedic Spine Center is dedicated to promoting spinal research. We recognize that spinal surgery can help some, but spinal research can help many. We want our research to provide new and better options for treating spinal problems. Our dedicated team of physicians and nurses are working continuously to improve our understanding of the spine and continue the advancement of spine surgery. Our spine specialists are dedicated educators and are involved in training spine surgeons on the most advanced minimally invasive procedures.

New minimally invasive Pedicle Screw System developed with input from our spinal surgeons at Cary Orthopaedic Spine Center.

The newly released minimally invasive pedicle screw system allows the surgeon to perform lumbar fusion via a small incision with less damage to the underlying musculature. The ultimate goal is to allow the patient to recover faster post operatively and return to their previous activity levels with an improved quality of life.

Can a new cervical plate design prevent degeneration of the disc at other levels?

Neck fusion surgery is one of the most common procedures we perform. However after several years, degeneration of the spine above and below the fusion can occur. One of the causes is migration of the spinal implants. We are studying a new plate design that prevents degeneration at the adjacent levels.

Can stem cells promote bone fusion?

To facilitate bony fusion of the vertebrae, surgeons typically place the patient’s own bone between the vertebrae. Stem cells have the potential to grow into a variety of cells and may help promote bone fusion. This clinical trial compares a stem cell based bone matrix to the patient’s own bone in promoting fusion in the cervical spine.

Can an amniotic membrane prevent scar tissue in your spine?

Scar tissue can develop in the spine after surgery. Scar tissue may cause pain and contribute to further complexity to any future spinal surgery. We are assessing a commercially available tissue that has been shown to decrease the amount of scar tissue formation post-surgery.

A unique spinal shaver (IO-Flex) can prevent the need for spinal fusion.

Certain types of spinal nerve compression require a spinal fusion surgery. We recognize undergoing a spinal fusion can be impactful on a patient. We are evaluating a new spinal shaver that can remove the bone spurs compressing the spinal nerve without destabilizing the spine and potentially minimize the risk of undergoing a lumbar fusion.

Treating chronic sacroiliac joint related back pain through a minimally invasive technique.

The SI joint has long been recognized as a possible source of chronic lower back pain since the 1920s. Numerous publications have studied the prevalence of SI joint pain as a component of lower back pain as well as in patients with prior lumbar fusion. This new minimally invasive technique has been developed to treat chronic SI joint while avoiding the morbidity associated of an open procedure.


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